Style and image consultation

By considering your body shape, personality and budget, a Style Consultation will help you select clothes and accessories that flatter your shape, make you look great and feel more confident.

A Style and Image Consultation will show you how to:

How it works

You’ll start off the 2 hour session by filling in a short questionnaire to help me determine your ‘style personality’. Then we’ll discuss your body shape and learn how to make the most of your best features and how to take attention away from those you don’t like. Advice will cover tailoring, clothing styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories, as well as places to shop. A full make-up in complementary colours is included in the consultation.

We encourage all clients to bring several pieces of clothing from their own wardrobe to the consultation – some things you like, and some you don’t – so that you can see in practice what you have learnt throughout your style consultation.

We’ll make a note of all the tips and advice you receive in your CMB book so you’ll leave your consultation with the confidence of knowing what your personal style is and how to choose the right clothes for you.

Price: £145.00

Colour and Style combined Price: £250.00

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Personal Stylist is available from Olwen Shaw Style in Canterbury, Ashford, Kent
In association with Colour Me Beautiful

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