Services For Retailers

Are you a clothes or accessories retailer? Why not book me for a stimulating daytime or evening event and make your customers feel special.

I offer talks, demonstrations and mini-consultations to help clients find out which colours and styles suit them best. Inviting clients to a Colour or Style workshop would be an excellent opportunity to encourage new or existing customers to shop in your store

Services include:

Previous experiences with retailers include:

Benefits to the Retailer

Shoppers are guided into focusing on what is available and what is most flattering from a particular store and the customers value having an Image Consultant to give them an unbiased and honest opinion in addition to expert advice.

I also encourage clients to try on outfits and items that they never would have chosen themselves, but which I know will suit them. As a result, they buy outfits and accessories at the event which they are delighted with, becoming good ambassadors for your store and recommending friends!

Please contact me or give me a call on 01227 709 555 or 07720 445 600 for further details.

Personal Stylist is available from Olwen Shaw Style in Canterbury, Ashford, Kent
In association with Colour Me Beautiful

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