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Hello, I’m Olwen Shaw and I work as an award winning stylist, image consultant and personal shopper. I’m the founder of Olwen Shaw Style – a successful personal styling business, based in Kent. My aim, and satisfaction, in my job is to make all of my clients look good and feel great and confident in themselves, regardless of their shape and size.

Once you know what colours and styles suit you, it will be much easier to put outfits together and develop a versatile wardrobe. You’ll be able to look stylish and dress appropriately – always.

Helping people develop their image is fascinating. Everyone is different; everyone has different lifestyles and different goals in life. I didn’t realise how enjoyable, rewarding, and life changing this could be for both my clients and myself.

I work with my clients to create an image that is stylish, comfortable and appropriate for their lifestyles and personalities.

It is a transforming experience that leaves my clients feeling confident about themselves and their appearance.

What I do is bring out the best in each of my clients with colours that harmonise beautifully with their natural colouring and style personalities. The make-up techniques are simple and effective. When my clients go shopping they have a clear idea of what suits them best and they can confidently select clothes and accessories that mix and match very well together. The days of owning a wardrobe full of ‘nothing to wear’ are long gone.

I graduated as a chartered physiotherapist in 1976, and subsequently taught at St Mary’s in London. Since moving to Kent in 1990 I have worked at Pilgrims Hospice, Kent & Canterbury Hospital and at the BMI Chaucer. Until recently, I was involved with the charity ‘Look Good … Feel Better’, helping women combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment in make-up workshops, enhancing their self esteem and confidence.
In the last month, I have extended my consultancy to include skin care workshops and work with Arbonne premium skin care products. I am delighted to say, these have been very successful.

I have always enjoyed meeting new people. I enjoy family life with my grown up children Henry and Lucy, love entertaining, and have a busy social life.

My Mission Statement:

By doing what I do, I encourage positive change in people in the way they look, feel and behave. When I work with my clients, we are both better for the experience. We share in the success.

Personal Stylist is available from Olwen Shaw Style in Canterbury, Ashford, Kent
In association with Colour Me Beautiful

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