Eye Base: £9.00

A must-have to provide a good base for eyeshadow and to keep it looking fresh and crease-free.

Lip Base: £9.00

Like the eye base, the lip base provides a good base for lip pencils and lipsticks. It is moisturising and helps with reducing ‘lipstick bleed’. Slightly glossy it can also be used as a highlighter on cheeks and under eyebrows for a party look.

Skin Adjuster (Mint or Neutral): £9.00

This is a fantastic skin primer, preparing the skin for the application of foundation. It is ideal to even out any imperfections in skin colouring. The neutral is yellow-based helping disguise the red and blue-based marks on the face. It is therefore perfect for concealing prominent veins. Its neutral colour will not show through foundation. It is also excellent for the eye area: dark circles, shadows and on pinkish lids which will simply disappear when applied. A truly magical product.

Large Colour Box from £46.25

Our colour boxes are custom made. You choose what goes into them.
The blushers, eye shadows, pressed powder and brush set are all magnetic, which means that if you use one colour more than another, simply remove and replace. You don’t have to replace the whole box.

Small Colour Box from £23.50

A small colour box will take 4 eyeshadows or 2 eyeshadows and a blusher. Again, the refills are magnetic, making it easy to replace just one item.

Brush set in cosmetic pouch: £26.00

Girls know it’s essential to have a quality set of make-up brushes for their beauty routine. This set includes 5 short-handled brushes: a blush brush, eye shadow blender, eye shadow angled brush, eye shadow shader and a retractable lip brush. The pouch set is ideal to carry round in her handbag, and she can fit a lipstick and colour box in the pouch too! As featured in Prima magazine December 2007.

For the full range of our cosmetics – products and colours – please contact us for a comprehensive brochure and ordering form.

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