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As I am writing this on Bank Holiday Sunday, the (forecasted) rain is pouring down outside my window, leading me to think we have probably seen the last of Summer and are now looking forward to Autumn.

My beloved and much admired Clarins Liquid Bronze self tanning lotion for face and decollete will be taking a holiday and I will be back to my Colour me Beautiful Oyster Morning Light.

Autumn, of course, sees a change in the fashion season and on 3rd September, at the London Regional Meeting, Colour me Beautiful is launching a brand new Style Workbook, as well as the Style Updates for Autumn/Winter 2010. Please look for dates on my website next week for your diaries. Learn how to work the new trends with items already in your wardrobes and save loads of money!!

Camel is the colour for Autumn, but wear it with care. If you are a Cool, with silver or white hair, it is best avoided near your face. Much better to go for the greys which are also around and keep the camel as far away from your face as possible.
However, Warms with red toned or honey blonde hair, will look fabulous in a warmer Camel. Mixed with Olives and Rusts will be sensational.
Lights, with pale, Scandanavian colouring can wear almost any shade of Camel, but liven it up with Aqua to avoid looking too washed out.
Clears should contrast their Camel with black, purple or jewel colours, while Deeps can contrast with strong Chocolate or Pine.
Soft and Muted ladies should work their Camel tonally; oatmeal and bronze for example will produce a very chic effect.

The Daily Mail recently ran an article on ‘The cream of camel coats’ and New Look came out top. 17/20 for a £59.99 coat (80% wool) and Marks & Spencer 14/20 for a £99.00 coat (100% wool).

Textured fabrics – suede, leather and fur – are all making an appearance this season and look out for lace tights. Great for the younger ladies, but the more mature among us can work the trends too.

It has now stopped raining, the sun is making a (weak) appearance, so it’s off for a walk in my old barbour and new Boden Biker boots!

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